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E-mail, September 18, 2005

You have one of the best, if not the best, least expensive software application on the market. Kudos for the improvements Jim!

E-mail, April 26, 2004


I like the program, it pointed me towards the winner of the 9th race at Hol yesterday. In fact I have more than paid for the program and the pars with just a few races.

E-mail, December 15, 2003

Hi Jim,

Had a very profitable day at the races on Saturday, 12-13-03 using HTRF and I couldn't let one particular race pass without sharing it with you. The 7th race at Aqueduct was the Garland Of Roses Handicap and there were several horses in the race that had run in Graded Stakes. Balmy had a ML of 20-1 and was shipping in from Philadelphia. Her HTRF Odds Line was 4.4-1 and she went wire to wire and paid $53.50!!! WOW. I just played her to win as I like to think I'm not greedy! Had several other good hits at both Aqueduct and Calder but Balmy took top prize.

Posted to the HTRFUsers Group at Yahoo, October 2003

To: "Jim Ott" <>
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Subject: [htrf] HTRF Profitable Day At Pimlico 

Hi Jim, just want to pass along the profitable day HTRF and I had at Pimlico yesterday, 10-3-03.

Race 2 HTRF Odds 2.8 #8--won pd.$12.60, 2nd choice ran 2nd for a $32.40 exacta.
Race 3 HTRF Odds 4.6 #3--won pd.$26.20. 2nd choice ran 2nd for a $44.80 exacta.
Race 4 HTRF Odds 4.4 #3--won paid $15.70.
Race 7 HTRF 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks (per HTRF Oddsline) ran 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for a $5.60 win, $41.00 exacta. and $125.00 triple.
Race 8 HTRF Odds 3.6 #2--won paid $21.20.
I have been using 4-5 past performances which seem to work very well. 

Hope it keeps up!!

Posted to the HTRFUsers Group at Yahoo, October, 2002

From: E. H. 
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 11:37 AM
Subject: [htrf] New User

Yesterday was my first day using HTRF. It was very profitable. I only have the shareware but I had the Pick 4 at Santa Anita for 8,491.30 for only a $16 wager. I've read some of the other postings and I have to disagree that this program is useless. Its always a matter of interpretation of the paceline data.

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Congratulations on your big win. I think you will like the registered version even more. I think those who have said bad things about HTRF are looking for a program that will give them winners. There is no software available anywhere that will make a profit betting the top choice over time. HTRF provides an odds line that will help you find overlays. I've found HTRF to be one of the best pace handicapping programs available. It gives you all the basic info you need to find which horse has a pace advantage. Good luck in the future.

D. G.

E-mail October, 2001

One more and I promise to stop. Keeneland, first day of the meet, first race:

finish    track odds$1. HTRFodds$1.   $103.40 to win, $747.00 exacta, $25,045.00 tri.

7             50.70          5.6     THEY WERE THE ONLY 3 BETTABLE HORSES IN THE RACE!!!!!
3               5.60          4.1
5             13.10         11.9

E-mail October, 2001

Your program identified a $19.00 dollar horse and an $81.00 exacta in the 9th at Belmont today, all bettable odds, without me even re-selecting pacelines. I don't need a whole lot more convincing! And just to swell your head a little more, the betting favorite($1.40) ran 4th. Its HTRF odds-line was $16.80. Thanks also for the prompt response today. You're OK.

E-mail November, 2000

Jim, Authorized payment last evening by credit card via your website. Program looks great! Thanks for your efforts and prompt response.  I appreciate it very much. The professional manner in which you conduct business is highly commendable.

From the Bulletin Board - August, 2000

The purpose of this program [HTRF] is to determine who has a pace advantage. If you know your track favors early speed, then look for a recent pace line where a horse had at least a 4 point advantage (BRIS pace rating) at the second call. If a horse with this advantage is in form and isn't outclassed, he will be hard to beat. If there is a lot of early speed in the race, look for a horse with a recent race that showed good late speed. The averages will show you which horse is consistent. The HTRF odds line is a good way to find overlays. I would hesitate to bet any horse whose odds are much lower than its rating by the HTRF oddsline.

Thanks for the input. The HTRF Program has been very profitable betting overlays. Just back from the spa with a profit.

E-mail June, 2000

Hi Jim, I received the program yesterday, installed it, and went to OTB for a few races. The first race I played was at Monmonth Park. I played Htrf's top pick as it was a huge overlay and it paid $42.(WOW). The next race was at Belmont (1st) and I played Htrf's second choice (overlay on Htrf odds line) and it won and paid $26. As you can surmise I love the Program!!! Really I think you did one heck of a job with Htrf. I did have several other winners and  exactas during the day and came home a winner thanks to you. Thanks again for the fine program. I do have one complaint--you don't charge enough for the Htrf Program!!! I mean it.

From the Bulletin Board - June and July, 2000

Thanks alot for the input. I'll report on how I do after I get 100 or so races. One other question I have is how many pacelines do you use or tag? Two sort of evens things out rather than best of last 2 or last line. For your info the program had a $46 winner on top at Belmont yesterday--MCRYANNE in the second race.

What do those who bought the $85 version of HTRF think about it after using it for a little while? The price sure is right for what it can do for me.

HTRF is an excellent program. It continues to select the contenders. As I have stated before it is the best I have ever seen at selecting the exotics. I am tracking a three horse exacta box from its top three horses and it is showing a profit after 18 race cards.
That is impressive
. A blind bet showing a profit. I never expected that when I purchased the program. I am disappointed with the extract feature though. It could do more. If the temp. files were delimited then I could do track pars and variants and track impact values of the handicapping factors as well as track profiles just like the big money programs do. Of course, I have already received far more value from the program than I paid

E-mail May, 2000

Thanks for the file. Always enjoy any kind of honest research. I don't think I over-emphasize stats but I do use them like I use other things. I'm certainly not a pace handicapper in the conventional definition, yet I find HTRF an honest little program and an excellent supplement to my own handicapping approach.

Personally, I don't believe you can beat the races without being selective which races you play. And, even then, you must still demand value. Don't want to get on my soapbox, but it's my opinion that most people pay too little attention to either. They want action, action and more action. That's why they pooh-pooh programs. What they want is a black box.

In any case, thanks again. I have some other suggestions I'll forward later. Yes, it would be nice if HTRF were a Windows app with all the bells-and-whistles allowing you to slice-and-dice what you wanted to view/print, etc., but I appreciate, too, that you're not General Motors. I appreciate, for now, what it is. An honest program which I find quite useful in my own handicapping.

Just wanted to say that I got the registered software last week with the adaption we discussed. Everything is working fine. Thanks for the customization of including the Average Pace values. I used it this weekend as an aid to my own handicapping. I used to figure out some of those calculations manually, now it is done for me so I saved a lot of time so that I can spend more time doing the decision making.

From the Bulletin Board - May, 2000

Got some information from the author on the impact values for EPS vs. the HTRF APPurse statistic. An impact value of 1.0 is a fair share winning rate. Sample based on 745 races. EPS (earnings per start) that are LESS than 10% of the APPurse value show a impact value of 0.42. That means they win LESS THAN HALF of their fair share of the races.   EPS OVER 20% of the APPpurse show an impact value of 1.2.  EPS OVER 30% of the APPpurse show an impact value of 1.8.  OK, you don't have to hit me over the head with a log. I will start to watch the APPpurse angles.

I finally got the extract utility from the $85 registered version working. Had to ask the author (Jim Ott) for help. It did not like my TSN 50 cent files, but he sent the fix by e-mail. I am not used to this kind of support. I ask my questions at night and receive the answer in the morning. Not just an answer, but even the answers and details that I do not know to ask yet. The extract utility pulls the HTRF data out of the race files. I then open them into an excel spreadsheet. Now I can form models and profiles based upon the HTRF data. The first thing I want to know is what is the winning range for %EARLY. Tom Brohamer devoted a full chapter to that in his book and I always wanted to try it. I want to also model early pace, sustained pace, and average speed. Just got to find the energy to write all this but will get it sometime. It is just nice to know that the data is their to work with. I have been looking at the key race utility but, it looks like too much work to me. The impact values for the key races do not show much. They are floating around the 1.0 mark and I need at least 2.0 to justify all that work.

I have two commercial methods that I have purchased that I'm happy with, but software junky that I am, I bought reg. ver. of HTRF It looks promising. Jim Ott is certainly available and responsive to handle any problems, and I had a few, but he got me up and running. Had a\$18.80 + a $24.60 winner today at Spt with only a few plays since I'm demanding a 4-1 minimum win price. To be truthful, I'm not actually betting prog. yet, just testing. All plays made and bets recorded before the race. At $85 this one surely worth the money.

From the Bulletin Board - April, 2000

[Author Comments: I wish to thank all users of the PaceAdvantage Bulletin Board for their interest in HTRF Pace Handicapping.  Comments posted here are verbatim as posted on the PaceAdvantage Boards. In a few instances, I have added comments to address questions that were left unanswered. My comments are shown in brackets.]

Last night I downloaded the shareware version of HTRF pace handicapper. Loaded it up today and ran a few cards through it. It don't look like much. Ain't got no pretty pictures or colors. Fairly easy to run, just gotta read the instructions and do some tweaking. Automatic loading so not data entry.

Appears to be another one of those projected pace and speed adjusted to today's racing surface and distance programs. Does have a nice check on itself using averages with BRIS pace and speed figures. You can select your own pacelines or use theirs. Well I thought it was just another run of the mill pace program until I checked the race results. Then my eyes opened and COOL.

This thing was picking contenders, exactas and trifectas. MUCH better than it looks. It is worth checking it out, especially since the shareware price for trial is FREE. The registered version has some neat sounding stuff in it also. (more pace lines, odds line, key races, track models, rapid view of past performances, etc.)

Has anyone used the registered version or the shareware version of HTRF pace handicapper? What did you think of it? Does it stay COOL of was it just a shot in the dark from the cards I ran through it?

i used HTRF by jim ott for years nice guy a good little program. Workhorse is also a good program, but like ALLWAYS from BRIS, pick too many horses to choose from besides it cost $14 so im already down $14 even if i only like one race.i like to pick my race.thats the only way. i think.

I downloaded shareware a while back and kept getting bad command msg.or something like that when i tried to print menu (sic, intended to say manual.). I got mad and deleted prog. Maybe I should try again. It said it could use .50 TSn files. Is that true? [Yes, it is true].

Damn Slider, that was quick. Your note is already up on the HTRF site under "reviews." Well, at least I get a plug for my website.....

Yea funny...Noticed that this morning...Quick trigger over there.

I have used the HTRF program for a few years now and I finally can say   I'm having more winning days than not. Jim's a great guy and always improving his program and odds line. Now if he can program a way to become a good bettor I'd buy that also.

I downloaded the program and ran several tests against the Ca tracks since I already had a supply of the BRIS files (it can also use the TSN, ITS and AXCIS files). As already noted by others, the output is a morass of data – it can take 3-4 pages to print each race but much of it is of dubious use and you can cut it to 1 page of relevant information if you want.

All in all it seems to be a very useful little program if you’re of the pace persuasion and it contains some very interesting EPS calculations. After checking the results for 3 days at SA and GG I noticed some track-specific data for each track and decided to see how those “clues” would stand up yesterday. Excellent. Of 19 races they produced 7 winners (37%) at an average mutuel of $11.63 and an ROI of 114%.

It’s a DOS program and probably frustrating for anyone DOS-challenged. The manual is difficult to find and rather poorly written. For example, it mentions various options you can switch on or off but provides no guidance as to the benefits. For example, you can turn on the BRIS pace numbers and they’ll print out, but the instructions don’t stipulate whether or not the program actually uses them in its calculations or simply show (print) the data. [Author comment: The BRIS pace figures are used only in the analysis/sorts shown on the BRIS output.  Suppressing the BRIS pace numbers from the output does not impact other computations within the program.  The program computations are independent of the BRIS pace computations].

The instructions also give confusing and unnecessary instructions on how to print the output with all sorts of DOS copy commands. If you’re running Windows – and who doesn’t these days – you can simply go to Windows Explorer and click on the file and view/cut/print whatever output you want using Word, etc. [Author comment: Unfortunately, for users not accustomed to Windows Word or Wordpad page formatting, it is a challenge to make font size changes in the output to avoid undesirable line wraps.  The output is intended for 132-column mode printing and uses PCL printer commands to achieve this.  Windows print manager does not process PCL and this is why I urge users to configure Windows for printing under MS-DOS. Windows is a marvelous program but it does not readily produce the printed output that I am seeking with PCL. By configuring Windows one time, you can then print 132-column HTRF output with PCL indefinitely.   Relying upon Windows Print Manager, you need to edit every file that you produce to achieve the same result and this can get very tedious.]

The feature I probably like the best is that the program will only consider those races run on today’s surface and distance (sprint/route). You can manually select other races but I’ve long been of the opinion that you’re better served restricting pace lines to today’s surface/distance. And when there are only a few qualifiers it’s a strong indication that getting involved in the race is in the realm of speculation.

The download version only considers the last 2 races. The registered version uses the last 6 races and also contains other features such as Key Race indicators, track modeling abilities, etc. Considering the registered version is only $85 it’s certainly not outrageous.

In summary, it might be a useful little program if you’re willing to apply it correctly (not mess with PP line selection, etc.) and are not put off with the DOS restrictions.

E-mail February, 2000

I have been using your program for a couple of weeks now. I would like to compliment you on putting out such a great program. Your program is probably better than anything on the market today. It is worth hundreds more than the selling price. Your velocity formula is great.  Thank You.

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