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The HTRF (How They Run Fast) Pace Handicapper is a pace-based handicapping program.  The shareware available here for downloading is fully functional. HTRF output provides an organized display of the match-ups in today's race.  Sorted fields with rankings are provided for quick identification of the contenders as well as unique tips to the long shots!

Download Shareware - Try HTRF on your own PC at no cost!

The shareware files include a sample racing card for a demonstration on your own PC until you get an opportunity to open an account with BRISNet, a data provider or J Capper data files.  

For users of BRIS files, and The Horse Handicapping Authority Track Pars, HTRF Release 7.5 has been upgraded to Release 7.5.1.  The auto selection of past performance lines has been significantly improved to select at least one recent line even if there are no 'qualifying' lines (same surface and distance). The users has much more control over the number of line selected as well as number considered for handicapping. Release 7.5.1 is offered for $85. 

For users of J Capper data files HTRF Release 7.8 is available.  You may purchase either Release 7.5.1 or Release 7.8 using your credit card at this link

To use track par corrections, you must purchase a separate track pars data file from The Horse Handicapping Authority at The Horse Handicapping Authority Store. The track pars data file contains inner call par times for all North American tracks, dirt and turf, at all usual race distances for each track. You must purchase the 2016 electronic par time file for $108.  Be sure to inform Dave Schwartz that you need the electronic pars for HTRF Software.

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