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Downloading/Installing the Shareware

You will find help with downloading/installing the shareware on the Download page, check the Tips buttons.

Getting Started

Unzip the data files archives that you download from BRISNet into the HTRF folder. HTRF will return a File Not Found error if the data file is not in the same folder as the HTRF program.

To start HTRF, simply click on the executable file [HTRFxxx.EXE] and you will be given a menu with R, T, P or C options.  Use the R option to read the data file followed by the T and P options.  The C option changes your preferences, or the configuration, of HTRF including both handicapping and output format options. The configuration is retained from the current session to the next session.

Results files are placed on your hard drive in the HTRF folder. Output options include (1) Hypertext (HTML) format for your web browser and (2) PCL (.PRN) format. Windows Print Manager does not recognize PCL code in files so printing from Notepad or Wordpad gives unsatisfactory results.   Best results are usually achieved using Hypertext (HTML) format along with your web browser.


The HTRF folder on your PC must have write permissions because HTRF produces both output and temporary files during execution.  Check your Windows HELP files for assistance in changing folder and file permissions.  Generally, you need to be logged in as an admintrator to make these changes.  If HTRF IS NOT in a folder with write permissions, output and temporary files are placed in a virtual folder under you user folder.

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