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Release 7.5.1 for Track Par Corrections

Purchase Release 7.5.1 for BRIS files only ($85). Release 7.5.1 contains a vastly improved PP line selection module replacing Release 7.5. It also eliminates the absence of entries in the output with incomplete or missing past performance data.  Release 7.5.1 may employ a separate track pars data file from HorseStreet Software for the track-to-track par corrections feature. Link to Horse Street Software to purchase the track pars data file (2014 Pars for $105.78). HTRF executes without the track pars data file but superior results are achieved with the pars file.

Release 7.8 is also available for J Capper data files only ($85).  If you have purchased prior versions of HTRF you may upgrade for use of J Capper file for $50.  Release 7.8 for J Capper data files is analogous to Release 7.5.1 for BRIS data files.  The J Capper data files contain Handicappers Data Warehouse (HDW) pace and speed figures as well as HDW's PSR rating which is analogous to BRIS Prime Power Rating. 

You may purchase either version of HTRF Version by (1) sending a check or money order in the amount of $85 to HTRF Software, 19014 Coltfield Court, Montgomery Village, MD 20886 or (2) use a credit card at eSellerate, a Division of Digital River.

Although the "shareware version" of HTRF allows full-card handicapping, registration provides additional benefits:

Download Shareware

The shareware files include a sample racing card for a demonstration on your own PC until you get an opportunity to open an account with a data provider.  Download the  Setup(xx).exe file to your hard drive.  Open Windows Explorer and double click on the  Setup(xx).exe file to install the program on your system.   You will be shown  a README.TXT file; at the end of the installation, you will be given a second opportunity  to read and print the file which is highly recommended.  HTRF will output AM line odds and saddle cloth numbers.

HTRF for 64-bit operating systems (typically Windows 7 and Windows 8)  Download Shareware Now

HTRF for 32-bit operating systems (typically Vista and XP)  Download Shareware Now

For registration information, e-mail me at

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